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Create a brighter future for students using robotics to unlock the magic of Science and Technology.

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Our programs are fun and engaging for students 8 years old and up. Learn how Math and Technology works in Robots.

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There is nothing like the Jade Robot. Developed from working with over 25,000 students.

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Mimetics doesn’t just produce outstanding hardware – our beginning was providing programs that change the way youth look at STEM.

Two Hour Introductory Program (8 Years and Up) Great for Fund-Raisers, Corporate Events, Parent Child Activities

Full Day Robotics Program (10 Years and Up) Learn Scratch Robot Programming with Multiple Activities over a P/A Day!

After School Robotics Programs (10 Years and Up) for After-school programs, Libraries, Scouts & Guides.

In-Class Programs (Grades 6-8) Set to School Schedule & Curriculum



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about us

Mimetics started as a volunteer activity at the Ontario Science Centre in 2001 and has worked with over 20,000 students in a wide variety of settings. In our programs, we see amazing changes in how students see science & technology as well as their own futures.

Founder Myke Predko built his first robot in Grade 8 – a wall follower made from toy parts held together by glue and rubber bands. The skills and confidence gained from this provided the foundation for his successes in life. Myke sees robotics as a “superset technology” – the integration of different technologies along with some creativity resulting in something to be proud of.

Mimetics Inc

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